[CQ-Contest] RusRTC 2014 --18 July 2015

Slava UA4HTT ua4htt at mail.ru
Fri Jul 17 12:41:15 EDT 2015

 Hello contesters,

Welcome ALL !!! "The XXIV Russian Radiosport Team Championship 2015"

Rules for outside participants 1. Date and contest period: The Saturday of the third full weekend of July (July 18, 2015) beginning 07:00 and ending 14:59 UTC. Both Single and Multi operator stations may operate the entire 8-hour period.
2. Everybody can work everybody.
3. Modes: CW and SSB.
4. Bands: 7, 14, 21 and 28 MHz.
5. Band and mode can be changed at any time. Only one signal is allowed at a time.
6. Exchange: Outside participants sends RS (RST) and ITU zone number. Russian Radiosport Team Championship competitors sends RS (RST) and three character combination, e.g. 599 XYZ.
7. Station with the same call-sign may be worked on different bands. 
8. Scoring Point System: QSO with RRTC station (sends three character combination in exchange) – one point. QSO with outside participant from the same ITU zone – one point. QSO with outside participant from different ITU zone on the same continent – three points. QSO with outside participant from different ITU zone on different continent – five points. 
9. Multipliers: ITU zone and new three-character combination received from an RRTC team – one point for the multiplier on each band (regardless of mode). RRTC station gives no ITU zone multiplier. 
10. The score is the product of total points and total multipliers. 
11. Entry categories: A – Single operator, CW, high power. B – Single operator, CW, low power (100 W and less). C – Single operator, SSB, high power. D – Single operator, SSB, low power (100 W and less). E – Single operator, mixed (CW and SSB), high power F – Single operator, mixed (CW and SSB), low power (100 W and less). G – Multi operator team (2 or 3 operators), mixed (CW and SSB). 
12. Awards and Logs: Certificates will be awarded to the world's top three scoring stations in every category. Achievement commemorative souvenirs will be awarded to those participants making at least 250 confirmed QSOs, including 25 QSOs with RRTC competitors, and submitting logs to www.ua9qcq.com. Logs must be submitted no later than 19:00 UTC, July 18, 2015. Any contest logging software can be used which supports IARU HF World Championship. Only email logs are accepted, Cabrillo log format shall be used according to IARU HF Championship requirements. File name should be "mycall.cbr" or "mycall.log" where "mycall" is your callsign. Please send the file as an attachment to  ochr at srr.ru  or to  www.ua9qcq.com

Good luck -- see you on the air!

73, Slava RM4i(UA4HTT)

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