[CQ-Contest] seeking 9band bandpass filter unit

Igor Sokolov ua9cdc at gmail.com
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I do not know about 2K-FA but I  used SO2R with 1K-FA, pair of K3  and no 
filters. You can actually test and measure isolation between 2 radio ports 
on  the amp with SDR and signal source prior to applying high power.
There is one company in Russia who makes  6 band BPF in opne box but the 
site is in Russian 

73, Igor UA9CDC

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> The full answer for WHY WARC desired for BP filters.
> I have one SPE Expert 2K-FA amplifier which provides for six antenna
> outputs and two inputs, all switchable automatically as driven by my TWO
> transceivers.
> I would like to do general operating and DXing where I can be, for 
> example,
> on 20meters with Yaesu and with the touch of a mic or key, immediately on
> 17meters with K3--both working via the amplifier which has followed from
> Yaesu to K3.  Then, go back to Yaesu which is now moved to 12 meters and
> amplifier gets Yaesu RF and switches away from K3.
> The K3 is then put on 80 meters and when the DX stands by there, a dit 
> puts
> the K3 ON and changes the Yaesu to no connection at that time (but waiting
> on 12m).
> All these choices lead me to want BandPass filtering on both radios, with
> automatic band switching, and with WARC fully integrated into the system.
> This would give me seamless selection of 6 contest bands and three WARC
> bands.
> You could tell me to just use the 160 meter switch position of the 6 band
> box to feed into a separate WARC box, but my Amplifier responds to band
> selection to feed the 6 antenna sockets and that is not an easy nor
> acceptable solution.
> That is the full story.
> However, the SPE Expert 2K-FA automatic switch between Radio 1 and Radio 2
> COULD possibly have enough isolation to not need a BP filter.  I have 
> asked
> that question of the factory.  If the isolation is enough, I do not need 
> BP
> filters.
> If you can understand my convoluted answer, let me know and i will send to
> you another Ph.D. degree.   Tnx 73, Charly
> On Tue, Jul 21, 2015 at 5:53 AM, Mike Smith VE9AA <ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca> 
> wrote:
>> Charly,
>> Since bandpass filters are primarily used in SO2R contesting operation 
>> (or
>> field day ie: M/M, M/2 type of operations), I have to ask..why would you
>> need bandpass filters for the WARC bands !? (no contesting on the WARCs)
>> Also, since nothing is a harmonic of 6m, nor is any HF band close to 6m 
>> as
>> a
>> harmonic,(except far far away) same query goes for SIX.
>> I am not trying to be sarcastic...it's a serious question.
>> I too would like to dabble my toe in the SO2R waters, but not at $2000+ 
>> to
>> get it here to Canada.
>> Mike VE9AA
>> Mike, Coreen & Corey
>> Keswick Ridge, NB
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