[CQ-Contest] results auto sw bandpass filters for all bands

Mark Ketchell k5er at arrl.net
Sat Jul 25 18:17:55 EDT 2015

Charlie, et al,
      I am not familiar with all the products on the market, but 
offer the following suggestion, based on my observations. This could 
be a "work around" if you already had any of these parts.

      For a number of years, I have used Icom "Pro" series 
transceivers, which have two RF ports, and each is configurable to be 
active on certain bands. In a matter of seconds, one could easily 
have all "regular" contest bands on port A and the warc bands all on 
port B. I believe most current generation radios can do this. Next, I 
have used band decoders from Top Ten devices. Mine have the source 
driver mod, which allows me to switch the two ICE 419 bpf's with the 
"sink" side and switch the Array Solutions "six-pack" with the source 
side. Both Top Ten and Array Solutions (and probably others) offer 
band decoders that translate the warc bands now, as well as the 
contest bands. A second BPF, either specifically designed for warc, 
or a slightly tweaked ICE 419 could be switched from the same band 
decoder, and RF routed from radio port B, and accomplish what you 
want. A simple 3 or 4 position remote antenna switch would be used 
for the warc band antenna. It would be a little more bulky than a 
single 9 (or 10) band bpf on each side, but it is all off the shelf 
parts and would give you fully automated switching, with manual 
over-ride if needed.

      I realize this means two bpf's per side, but particularly if 
purchasing used, may be able to find for less that "all in one" box. 
Wish you luck on your project.

Mark, K5ER

>The results of my search for one integrated automatic switching bandpass
>filter unit indicates.....
>Both Dunestar (Top Ten Devices also needed) and Array Solutions sell a
>separate unit for the six contest bands and separately a unit for the WARC
>bands.   It is possible to route RF from the transceiver to the first
>contest band unit AND then with a bypass on it, the RF can then be routed
>by that unit to a separate unit for WARC.
>The key is for the contest band unit to have a BYPASS switch position.
>All these products operate from band data provided by the transceiver (or
>computer) and will follow the band switch on the radio to automatically
>select the correct band.  I did not investigate how to connect multiple
>units to the same band date socket on the radio.
>The prices of both suppliers run over $1,200USD per radio, needing at least
>about $2,400 (or more) for a full system of two radios on ALL HF bands.  I
>did not find ONE integrated unit.
>Most contesters say they only want the 6 contest bands but surely some want
>to use the WARC bands on the same radios without doing plug-unplug manual
>Note, there may be more than these two suppliers.
>  73
>Charly, HS0ZCW

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