[CQ-Contest] Summer 5 wk NCCC Sprint Ladder Competition - Thursday night

Bill Haddon haddon.bill at gmail.com
Wed Jul 29 18:06:42 EDT 2015

*NCCC Sprint Ladder XXIV - "Contesting on the Edge"      *

NS Ladder (NSL) is a short snappy event, friendly to newcomers, but
intense.  You'll join some of the best contest enthusiasts in the US. Regulars
will slow to match your speed.  Furthermore, NSL is excellent preparation
for the Sept 13 CW North Am. Sprint (NCJ).

This summer's 5-week session, NSL XXIV, begins this Thursday night July 29
(Friday morning 0230 UTC) and continues through August 27 -- last Thur in
July plus every Thurs evening in August.

         -- 0230-0300 UTC exactly (please set time accurately)
         -- 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160m  38-44 KHz up from band edge, 1813-1818
on 160m.
          -- 100 watts max power.
          -- Sprint format, mults per band and 1 KHz minimum QSY, 2-3 KHz
          -- Contact stations once per band.
          -- Score reports to 3830scores.com (Tks, WA7BNM)
          -- In final rankings, only the top three scores count.

    Rules:  http://www.ncccsprint.com/ladder.html
    Schedule:  http://www.ncccsprint.com/next_ns.html
    Divisions . . see map at http://www.ncccsprint.com/ladder.html
    Weekly results:  "GO" button at www.ncccsprint.com
     Operating tips: http://ncccsprint.com/operating.html

    nccc-blue reflector:  Join our low-volume reflector to
discuss NS and NS Ladder topics.  Sign up at

    http://www.kkn.net/mailman/listinfo/nccc-blue   Phil, W6PK will see
your request

    73 Bill N6ZFO
    NCCC Thursday Night Contesting
   Advisory group: W9RE, N4AF, K4BAI, W4NZ, N3BB, W0BH, K6UFO

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