[CQ-Contest] Why send 5nn ?

Mark van Wijk, PA5MW pa5mw at home.nl
Thu Jul 30 12:44:34 EDT 2015

Oh yes there is:   the '5' is currently replaced by 'E'  where the RST 
exchange becomes effectively  "ENN"

I believe this is pushing it beyond the reasonable and I will not use it.
Next the copiable 5NN is commonly easy recognized as the short version of 
Stations sending ENN on weak signal level will create unclear message 
transmissions as the single 'E' offers less momentum.
It is several big guns using ENN now instead of 5NN

73 Mark, PA5MW

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I don’t think there is a cut number for 5. Otherwise, I’m sure it would be 

I have a friend who’s name is ANN she really has a difficult time being 

in contests where she has to send her name and RST.

Dave N1IX

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Why people send abbreviated 9 but 5 is not abbreviated?

I am not Vulcan, but there is no logic.


Jukka OH6LI

2015-07-30 3:06 GMT+03:00 <n1ix at n1ix.com>:

I had 9 stations copy my QTH as NS not NH.
I would think that DX stations would know that N1IX 5NN NS is impossible!!

Dave N1IX

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