[CQ-Contest] Recording contest QSOs on and old laptop

Randy Thompson K5ZD k5zd at charter.net
Mon Jun 1 09:16:03 EDT 2015

I am happy to hear that this worked so well.  It is ideal for someone who
just wants to hear the audio around each QSO.

For log checking purposes, it would be better to have a continuous audio
file so we can hear all that happens between QSOs.  :)


Randy, K5ZD

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> Hi,
> During this week-end CQ WPX contest I recorded my QSOs using the
> "qsorder" add-on to N1MM by K3IT.
> It is very easy to set-up, the only minor drawback is that there is no
> "settings file", so you have to create a batch file to launch it with the
> right parameters.
> I used a 20 seconds buffer and 5 seconds delay, enough to record the
> usual contest exchanges.
> Each recording was less than 200kB. For 350 QSOs, it resulted in 30 MB of
> files, organized by callsign, band and time. Very neat.
> CPU usage on my aging single-core 1,6 GHz Atom was negligible. I did not
> notice only slow-down during logging.
> Serious contesters would prefer to continuously record their operating,
> particularly if they want to use it as a proof in case of investigation
> by a contest committee.
> I think I will turn it on even when I'm chasing DX as it is "cost free"
> and can be useful at times.
> As for the radio, the setup on a modern rig like the TS-590s is very
> simple.
> The same USB cable used for CAT control by N1MM also handles the Audio,
> so no additional hardware required.
> There is just one setting in the TS-590 menu to turn on so you can hear
> both the receiver audio and the transmitter monitor.
> If not, your transmissions are just blanked.
> Thanks Vasily for this nice peace of software!
> Only one suggestion for version 3.0 : add a "parameters file" feature.
> 73,
> Yan.
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