[CQ-Contest] PVRC 2015 Reunion this coming weekend!

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 10:32:49 EDT 2015

Note reduced hours to concentrate activity - just Friday night June 5 (SSB)
and Saturday night June 6 (CW) 8PM-midnight local time EDT. That's
0000-0400 June 6 and June 7 UTC for those who are more international!

This is now an "open format" event and non-PVRC'ers are encouraged to work
PVRC'ers for points and certificates. Please pass the official PVRC link to
the reunion, http://pvrc.org/reunion/reunion.htm to anyone who is curious
about the event. Still trying to see if I can get this into WA7BNM contest

CQ is "CQ PVRC". If you use spotting networks, spotting other PVRC'ers as
being on the air for the reunion is strongly encouraged.

I will accept logs made using any common logging program in "generic" or
"DX" modes - do not worry too much about how the logger handles the long
exchange. For those who want a logger module that does keep track of score,
a N1MM logging module is available at

Tim N3QE

2015  Rules

 Revised:  May 27, 2015

1.  Eligibility:

Open format - all amateurs worldwide are eligible to participate.   The
objective is to work as many members of PVRC as possible.   PVRC Members
are defined as anyone who has ever lived inside the PVRC Circle and was a
PVRC member at any time during their ham radio life.   As we say, "Once a
member, always a member of PVRC!"

2.  Object:

Contact as many PVRC members around the world as possible, using all 6
(non-WARC) HF bands from 10 – 160 meters.

3.  Date:

Always the first weekend in June. The 2015 reunion will be June 6th through
June 7th UTC.  In North America, these are the evenings of Friday June 5th
and Saturday June 6th.

4.  Suggested Frequencies

CW – Friday night only: 1817, 3547, 7047, 14047, 21047 & 28047 kHz

Phone – Saturday night only:   1847, 3847, 7247, 14247, 21247, 28447

5.  Contest period:

CW:  June 6, 0000Z-0400Z (Friday evening, 8PM to midnight EDT).

SSB: June 7, 0000Z-0400Z (Saturday evening, 8PM to midnight EDT).

6.  Two segments:

Two 4-hour segments:   CW Only (Friday night), and SSB Only (Sat. night)

Check for activity on 10, 15 and 160 meters on the half hour.

When rate is low, feel free to move callers between bands.

If you use the spotting network, please be a “reunion cheerleader” and spot
PVRC’ers as being part of the “PVRC Reunion”.

7.   Exchange:

PVRC members - (once a member, always a member!) -- send the year you
became a PVRC member, your name, your QTH (50 U.S. States plus DC, 14
Canadian provinces or DXCC country) and call sign when you joined PVRC.

Non-PVRC members – send name and State / Province / Country.

Example QSO:


K4ZW:     K4ZW

WX3B:     K4ZW 1998 Jim MD WA2GPQ

K4ZW:     WX3B 86 Ken VA KE9A

WX3B:    TU WX3B

8.   Scoring:

Each station can be worked once per band per mode

Point Values:
Bonus Stations:  Historic calls W3GRF, W4KFC, and W3AU count for 10 points
per QSO, once per band/mode.
PVRC members:  Count 1 point per QSO.
·         Count total number of PVRC QSOs * number of PVRC multipliers.

·         Multipliers are States, DC, VE Provinces, and DXCC countries
(excluding USA).

·         All multipliers count once per band, regardless of mode.

·         PVRCREU.udc module for N1MM is available.

9.   Awards (electronic recognition / publication of results)

·         Separate Rankings for 'PVRC' and 'Non-PVRC' participants

·         Top 5 scores – high power

·         Top 5 scores – low power

·         QRP class awards will be added if scores are deemed significant.

10.  Score Reporting
       Please report a summary of your activity as follows:

·         Power Level

·         Total Multipliers

·         Total Score

·         Soapbox Comments

·         Note:   Combine all CW and SSB QSO's into the same log

Email reports to Tim, N3QE, at tshoppa at gmail.com within 14 days after the

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