[CQ-Contest] CQ-Contest Digest, Vol 150, Issue 1

Marvin Bloomquist n5aw at 281.com
Mon Jun 1 14:51:03 EDT 2015

Unfortunately the current low band bonus point system actually 
discourages operation on 80 and 160. Why fight the QRN and tougher 
propagation when you can get the same points on 40 meters. Actually it 
is puzzling to me that more points are given for 40 meter contacts 
anyway since activity would not be an issue there without it. Perhaps it 
is a hold over from the original WPX contest which was SSB only and 40 
meter phone was much more difficult. Certainly not the case for CW now. 
The current bonus also gives US stations with better 40 meter 
propagation to Europe a significant advantage over stations further west 
(particularly true in late May). A suggestion - change the points for 
QSOs with another continent to 4 points on 40, 5 on 80 and 6 on 160. 
Same continent QSOs with another North American country 2 points on 40, 
3 on 80, and 4 on 160. Two points for in country QSOs on 160. Or perhaps 
an easier solution is to just do away with the bonus for 40 all 
together. That would not do much for 160 though.

Marv N5AW

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> Using about the same equipment for the past 40 years, and with technology
> available to me as a novice; on SOSB 160 when I compete I am finding my
> scores getting lower each year. This year there were only three of us
> running (or in my case ambling). I only heard two other stations besides
> the two running stations, one  at 599++ that I worked and one at 339 that
> I heard for about 10 seconds. I started at 0500z and immediately worked
> one the two running stations, receiving his number 6. I ended around
> 0800z and heard him working his number 9. This was a California station
> with a directed beam. I would hear him at 599++ and then at 569.
> Both nights I started again at 1030z, hearing both of them going at  it.
> I think I heard one of them worked a US station that I did not hear.
> 160 meter operation has become so specialized, where high technology
> prevails, no longer do you find a guy loading up a piece of wire on a
> winter's night and calling CQ one 160 as an alternative to 80 or 40.
> With two easily heard running stations, 160 gets passed over by the
> hoards. With 20 or more running stations the casual observer would
> say........"hummmm better give 160 a try.
> I have no solution to this other than if there is a contest that includes
> 160, I will be there giving out a few.
> mike w7dra

Marvin Bloomquist
Burnet, TX

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