[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX CW - Sending log error with call ES/407GM

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Wed Jun 3 14:32:11 EDT 2015

I was not aware that the robot checks for valid callsigns. It appears that
the only way to submit a log is to correct a call that was either
incorrectly copied or sent which is against the rules.

John KK9A

To:	cq-contest <cq-contest at contesting.com>
Subject:	[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX CW - Sending log error with call ES/407GM
From:	Filipe Lopes <ct1ilt at gmail.com>
Date:	Wed, 3 Jun 2015 09:49:37 +0200

Hi everyone,

I just tryed sending out my CQ WPX log (using the upload log on the WPX
webpage) and I have the following erreur:

Line 3221 RCVD CALLSIGN not seem to be correct.
QSO: xxxxx CW 2015-05-31 xxxx CR6K 599 xxxx ES/407GM 599 xxx

I remember perfectly this strange call, ES/40(zero)7GM

anyone had the same issue?

73's Filipe Lopes

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