[CQ-Contest] WRTC 2018 qualifications

Michael Hoeding, DL6MHW dl6mhw at wrtc2018.de
Fri Jun 5 00:53:53 EDT 2015


(first I have to excuse me for the late reply. There were some very busy 
weeks days after dayton. CQ-Contest is full of discussion.)

(second: For questions/discussions about WRTC 2018 please use our 
Mailing-List: http://lists.wrtc2018.de/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/wrtc2018 )

Please remember. We had a very short time for the preparation of the 
qualification rules. Our initial plan was to apply for WRTC 2022 but we 
changed this plan to make WRCT2018 possible. Perhaps a longer 
discussion  would have produce better qualification rules but than there 
would be no  WRTC 2018 or a qualification with a much shorter 
qualification period.

However as Ken, KE3X, wrote :
> Qualifying is already underway.   Changing those rules now is not fair to
> anyone who seriously entered the first four events and picked their entry
> category based on current rules.
Change the rules during a contest is generally not possible.

The WRTC Sanctioning Committee delegates the QR to the organizer. We 
have seen many arguments for a number of details and many well founded 
ideas for better rules. Unfortunately we could not distill a common and 
clear position. E.g. the qualification time: On group is happy about the 
shorter qualification period - the other strongly ask for a longer time.

To  bring it to a good end for WRTC2022 it would be helpful, if someone 
can collect experts in a independent group, to discuss WRTC 
qualification in general to support the organizer for 2022 with a 
empirical base.

For now we are very busy to bring WRTC2018 on the road. There are still 
some hundred of open tasks. E.g. we did not finish fund-raising yet, 
still need some USD or EUR. So please have a look to:
and make your first small donation for 2015.

73 de Michael, DL6MHW


Michael Höding, DL6MHW
Vice-President, Fundraising
Phone: +49 39201 20779
E-Mail: dl6mhw at wrtc2018.de

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