[CQ-Contest] AQP Tomorrow - Lastest Update

Jim/KC4HW kc4hw at centurytel.net
Fri Jun 5 20:44:50 EDT 2015

The AQP is scheduled for tomorrow Jun 6th starting at 1100AM CDST (1600Z 6/6/15) and 
ending at 11PM CDST (0400Z 6/7/15).  This is a 12 hour event.  CW, PH or Mixed modes. 
All counties are going to be active.  

Please take a look at http://www.alabamaqsoparty.org for the complete rundown on rules, 
information and activity.  

There are 4 club stations in Alabama that will be active and they are as follows:  (WX4RUS, 
Russell County Radio Club, Russell County; W4DHN, Wiregrass ARC, Houston County; 
K4RY, Auburn University ARC, Lee County; and W4HOD, Heart of Dixie ARC, Lee County).  
These club stations do a great job of introducing many Hams to this activity and contesting 
in general.   

There are 8 mobile stations that will be active include: N4ZZ, 28 counties; WA4JA, 10 
counties; K4ZGB, 11 counties; KK4TC, 10 counties; N4RNR, 16 counties; KU4QG, 24 
counties; KN4Y, 17 counties; and KK4TE, 14 counties.  I want to personally thank each of 
these mobile stations for this continued support, they keep the QSO party interesting and  

We have two Portable (Field Day style) operations with KD8IGK/4 operating from Blount 
County and KB4UPI operating from Cherokee County.  Please look for these gentlemen as 
they are going the extra mile to put these counties on the air!

There will be many Fixed stations throughout Alabama that will be handing out both CW and 
PH contacts during the AQP. 

I believe that there will be more new Hams participating than ever before.  Please remember 
that some of these may not be as experienced as the rest of us.  Please encourage them if 
you can!  

We have several plaque categories that can be award this year.   Of course, AQP 
certificates will be awarded to many high scoring categories.  

OK, hope that you will chose to participate with us!  Take care and 73. 

Jim Johnson, KC4HW
http://www.AlabamaQSOParty. org


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