[CQ-Contest] VHF Contest - Self Spotting

Don Butler n5lz at comcast.net
Thu Jun 11 14:32:42 EDT 2015

I personally think that self spotting, or any kind of spotting for that
matter, will have minimal, if any impact during VHF contests.  A spot made
by a station a few miles away can possibly help me, but if the spotter is 50
or more miles away it's not likely to be helpful.  Propagation, especially
Es, is so selective and continually changing that most active stations will
end up working everything they can copy ...  whether they are spotted or not
spotted.  My ARRL June VHF entries over the past few years have all been
Multi Op ... because I have chosen to take advantage of assistance .... but
I'm not talking about spots.  Instead, I monitor DX Sherlock to see where
any Es clouds might be hovering .... and that often serves as an alert to
openings that are likely to pop out of the noise.

Don, N5LZ

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I must have "missed the memo" on this one if there was ever any dialog
concerning this.  Anyone else think this is just a bad idea?


How is the self-spotting not going to turn into - QSO's over the internet
pretty quickly.  It seems to me that if the ARRL wants to have a contest
this way, someone out to be "monitoring" to keep the QSO' at least legit.


It will be interesting to see if this gets quickly out of hand.


I know that VHF contests can become boring.  But there are other ways to
fight the boredom.  Watching baseball as you hit F1 comes to mind.


Ed  N1UR

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