[CQ-Contest] Standings, CQ WPX CW claimed scores added

DL5AXX, WRTC2018 dl5axx at wrtc2018.de
Thu Jun 11 17:18:47 EDT 2015

Hi folks,

we got very quickly the claimed scores for the CQ-WPX-CW-contest from 
Terry, N4TZ and the standing now contains
CQWPX-CW 2015, claimed scores
CQWPX-SSB 2015, claimed scores
ARRL-DX-CW 2015, claimed scores (some scores still missing)

We are still dealing with ARRL (correction of ARRL-CW and ARRL-SSB) and 
SRR (RDXC) to get their claimed scores.

73 Ulf, DL5AXX
WRTC2018 qualifications

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