[CQ-Contest] Audio recording

Jeff Kinzli kinzli at kinzlicoils.com
Mon Jun 15 18:54:20 EDT 2015

I've always preferred a dedicated hardware device for recording audio. This
way you're not using CPU cycles on your logging PC during a run that ends
up causing one or both to lag. Since a good deal of operating that I do is
at some DX location, and I travel light, carrying an extra (or potent)
computer to do both logging and recording is a non-starter. Another reason
why the hardware recording device works well.

Of course, others have already solved this problem for us - namely in the
form of things like the Tascam DR-07 that I personally have used for a
number of years. Cheap, small, and records perfect CD-quality audio (2
channels). I can fit 48 hours of CD-quality audio into a few hundred
megabytes of MP3, and break it up regularly (every 8 hours or so). I always
use monitor audio on the radio, and so this solution catches everything
that I hear - my mic audio or CW sidetone, as well as the other end.

Its served me flawlessly for many years and continues to deliver. You can
find the Tascam or similar devices for $100 or so, and they record to
standard SD cards that are of course cheap, but you don't need much room.
They will run off batteries or +5VDC.

These are the devices that musicians use to record their stuff, or field
reporters use to do interviews, etc. They have a LIN-level input, and have
all the controls you'd want on the unit itself to do whatever you could

For me, I don't see any reason to do it differently, other than the nicety
that the logger-based recording systems allow you a per-QSO recording, but
I would think that from a contest-committee standpoint, a long recording
would be much easier to work with than 7500 small ones. :)

I'd also use this pitch to encourage everyone to record contests that you
do - and listen to them later. You will notice things you do that are
productive (and some that aren't) and you can learn from yourself and
others. Its been an invaluable tool to me and I learn from both my own
operating as well as those that I QSO with or tune across.

73 de N6GQ

On Sun, Jun 14, 2015 at 5:29 PM rob <wa1fcn at charter.net> wrote:

>      Hi All
>      Ok now that some time has gone by since the first talk
>      of recording your audio during a contest, maybe a few of
>      you could give me your preferred software to use.   ( Just in case
>       every thing comes " magically together " to quote another post ).
>        It did happen to me once in a CQ WW RTTY , tho I certainly do
>        not believe that could happen in a CQ WW CW !
>                  73 BoB WA1FCN
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