[CQ-Contest] Beginner Contester Flyer

Peter Dougherty (W2IRT) contesting at w2irt.net
Fri Jun 19 17:35:45 EDT 2015

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>>Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] Beginner Contester Flyer

>>Lots of EMCOM types at FD:

>>"In order to be good at EMCOM, you must first be a great communicator.
>>Contesters win by being effective communicators. They know how to build
radio systems that are heard, and they know how to communicate,
>> human-to-human, very efficiently >>using voice or CW. These fundamentals
are extremely important to any EMCOM operation "

To which I would add this: 

That should be the cover of any flyer ;)

Peter Dougherty, W2IRT
DXCC Card Checker/CQ-WAZ Checkpoint


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