[CQ-Contest] Why don't JAs report scores on the 3830 web site?

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Some groups just don't do 3830 or other online things. For example, among USA stations it seems many VHF contesters don't post on 3830. Similarly few VHF stations upload to LOTW. It is not a big sample (219 qsos total), but from last year's June VHF contest I got only about 12 percent of my qsos confirmed on LOTW.

     On Tuesday, June 23, 2015 12:47 AM, Charles Harpole <hs0zcw at gmail.com> wrote:

 Some Asians and other non-Westerners I have met have a different view of
contesting, i.e., not as an effort to crush one's enemies but to have
private satisfaction (that they are reluctant to speak about whatever form
it may take).

Many in that same group think of ARRL-type contests, not AA, as American
73, HS0ZCW

On Tue, Jun 23, 2015 at 8:56 AM, Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at voyackey.net>

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> > I was looking at the AA CW contest scores reported on 3830scores.com
> > and noted not one JA score listed there.  Going to the JARL logs
> > received page, there are 100+ JA logs already sent in.  Odd?
> Not for only AA, JAs on 3830 are very limited.  There are some reasons
> (but not
> only for these, I believe).
> - don't know 3830
> - don't think it's deserved for part time entrants
> - language barrier
> - humbleness
> - secretiveness
> There is a contest reflector for Japanese hosted by JE1CKA since 1994, and
> for some
> periods, there used to be also postings mostly like 3830.  But I've hardly
> seen any
> postings like this on the reflector except from me :-), since I was back
> in the
> contesting world on 2011.
> Here comes the short story for last weekend.  I was in as one of operators
> at
> JE1CKA(M/M), and operated most of 15m.  There were six operators at the
> beginning,
> but there were four for the last 12 hours.  AA is much more tough for me
> than other
> single operator participations as JH1GBZ.  This is because there is no
> actual shift
> schedule, and each operator is expected to work as hard as possible :-).
> So, it's
> very difficult to plan my operating sched even just one minute before the
> contest.
> The shack is located on the top of mountain near Tokyo, but most of
> operators come
> at early morning on Saturday(it begins at 9am in JA).  For the AA
> operation at JE1CKA,
> I usually wake up on 4:30am and take the first train.  But each of
> operators has
> his life and work, and I slept at 1am on Saturday this time.  So, the
> fight against
> sleepiness during the contest from the beginning is a regular routine.
> This time,
> we had two yagis for 15m.  One for fixed to Eu, and another is stacked
> with 10m.
> This helped much, since Eu and NA opened at the same time during most of
> the night.
> Before, we needed to beam to the north with one antenna, but there were
> the case I
> wanted to turn directly to each direction respectively.  As for the
> propagation, NA
> was widely opened just from 4am on Sunday(JST).  But on Monday(JST), it
> was quite
> tough for the last 5 hours.  The band looked opened, but only worked
> stations were
> on.  It was 15Q/hr for that period :-<.  We worked over 1500Qs on 15m with
> over 100
> multipliers.
> I'm not sure Tack will post like the above on 3830 this time.
> --
> Katsuhiro 'Don' Kondou, JH5GHM
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