[CQ-Contest] Why don't JAs report scores on the 3830 web

Randy K9OR k9or at comcast.net
Tue Jun 23 22:36:55 EDT 2015

As a casual - part time when I have time - contester, I would say 3830 is
for the hard-core contesters, mostly US/VE.
I post there with my humble score for the major CQ/ARRL /NAQP contests.

It's expected if you're in a club that competes that wants to see everyone's
score (by team in some cases).
I think the major EU contesters post on 3830 but the majority of entrants
don't. No big deal.

I think 3830 is kind of a brag sheet mainly - I was inactive when 3830 kc
was actually a watering hole.

73 Randy K9OR

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