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Katsuhiro Kondou kondou at voyackey.net
Thu Jun 25 20:21:18 EDT 2015

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> Also, in
> looking at my logs and others, it looks pretty random whether the receive or
> the transmit frequency ends up in the log when using single radio split.  It
> probably depends on the software and which VFO is the transmit vs the
> receive.  The intent needs to be clarified here and the less intrusive the
> better to allow for software, radio, and technique flexibility.

It doesn't mention in the Cabrillo specification(http://wwrof.org/cabrillo/cabrillo-qso-templates/).

"freq is frequency or band:"

I'm not sure this is intentional or not.
Katsuhiro 'Don' Kondou, JH5GHM

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