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Chris Plumblee chris.plumblee at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 11:31:57 EDT 2015

Hi Joe,

You're probably seeing Win-Test, which looks superficially similar to N3FJP
(and, to a greater extent, to CT).

Win-Test is the most popular logger in EU, as I understand it. Most Western
European contesters whom I know have never used N1MM, or have only a
passing familiarity with it.

I like Win-Test quite a lot, but I use N1MM when I'm a guest op and that's
what the host prefers. There are a number of large stations in the states
who are using WinTest for various reasons. Many of them switched from CT
with great reluctance, and WinTest is as close to CT as you can get in a
windows package. It's a Coke/Pepsi argument as far as I'm concerned.

73, Chris WF3C

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, Joe <nss at mwt.net> wrote:

> Now the question is, as i see stuff about contesting, everywhere, web
> pages, facebook, news items, etc.. especially today with Field Day,
> And then after the WRTC contest was over most people used N1MM for their
> logging.
> Like that page shows for CQWW 40% used N1MM,
> http://lu5dx.blogspot.de/2014/12/top-contest-loggers.html
> Now the odd thing is,, then why in all the sources of contest coverage,
> news, web pages, magazines, facebook etc. when someone is running a
> contest, all I ever see is the N3FJP Program, now it's a great program and
> I have nothing against it. but it seems really odd that if 40% use N1MM and
> only 3% use N3FJP, why is it that N3FJP all you ever see being used?
> How Odd?
> Joe WB9SBD
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