[CQ-Contest] New Super Check Partial files available (VER20150302) (02 MAR 2015)

Stu Phillips stu at k6tu.net
Mon Mar 2 15:29:40 EST 2015

Super Check Partial - new release schedule

The process of generating and uploading a release of Super Check Partial is now completely automated and takes literally a couple of minutes.  With this completed, I plan to release a new version of Super Check Partial within the first couple of days of each new month.

Emails will be sent to remind folks to submit their logs in the third week of the month and an email will be sent out after each monthly update is uploaded to supercheckpartial.com<http://supercheckpartial.com>.

Update requests for change/removal of calls or the addition of new calls will continue to be processed manually.  Requests that arrive before NOON Pacific Time (either 20Z or 19Z depending on daylight savings time) the day of the release will be included in the new monthly update.

I am very happy to report that the dataset of logs used to generate Super Check Partial continues to grow faster than old logs are removed - the dataset is a rolling 24 months of Contest logs submitted to logs at supercheckpartial.com<mailto:logs at supercheckpartial.com>.  I’d like to thank Bruce WA7BNM for his support in reminding people to submit their logs to Super Check Partial when they post their scores on 3830Scores.com<http://3830Scores.com> - this has had a significant impact in the number of logs received.

New Release information

A New release of the Super Check Partial database files is available at:


Calls in the MASTER.DTA file: 46,350

If you would like to contribute your CABRILLO format logs for the SCP database, please send them at any time.

The easiest thing to do is to bcc the following email address:

logs at supercheckpartial.com<http://supercheckpartial.com>

...when you submit your log to the sponsor¹s robot after each contest.  Please DO NOT send ADIF files!

You can send more than one log attachment in a single email BUT PLEASE DON¹T SEND THEM IN A ZIP file!

If you want to check the version of the SCP files you are using, look for a call beginning with “VER".  Every SCP file includes the version numberin the list of calls in the format VERYYYYMMDD.

Please let me know if you find any bad calls in the files.
Thanks again to all the contributors!

Stu K6TU

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