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I echo Dave's advice.
I also use one computer. one monitor, and one keyboard, along with  a Top Ten Box for switching.  Software is N1MM +.  It works well.
I tend to switch the audio manually using the switch on the Top Ten Box.  If I have a good run going on one band, I leave the audio on that radio only.
Once things slow down a bit, I start listeing to audio on both radios which is what I am doing most of the time.  If a guy comes back that is weak on either radio,
I may switch the audio to that radio temporarily to copy them better.

As Dave says, there are a lot of ways to do SO2R.  You just need to figure out what works best for you.


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I've been doing SO2R since 1980 (back in the pre-computer days) and
built and used many different setups.

My experience has been that how
one does SO2R is a highly personal 
thing.  Lots of "SO2R newbies" jump into it
without knowing how they 
will use it, which dictates how their setup should be
configured and 
they get stumped.  But you ask some excellent questions, so I
think you 
get it. :-)

I have settled on using one computer, with a Top Ten
DX Doubler to 
control the radios and I am completely satisfied with this
setup.  I 
have never used the MicroHam stuff, but I'm sure those products are
choices as well.

To me, the biggest issue in SO2R is desk space and
accessing two radios.  With two computers, even if you put the
CPU boxes 
in some out of the way place, you can't avoid having two monitors
two keyboards, which only makes the problem worse.

To get the most out
of SO2R, the best setup is a single, seamless 
environment for your brain and
the radios to exist in. You want to be 
able to make a QSO on the second radio
as easily as a QSO on the first 
radio and I can't see how shifting between
monitors and keyboards allows 

Some guys let the computer control the
transmit path and use a simple 
switch to select radio A, radio B, or both. 
MFJ sells an inexpensive 
box that does this nicely.  But this type of
independent configuration 
can lead to confusion.  Nothing is more frustrating
than finding a guy 
on one radio and calling him on the other radio which is
why I use the 
integrated switching like Top Ten or MicroHam.

Back in the
80s, I wrote an article in the NCJ on an "automatic receiver 
switch" which was
a computer-independent box used by myself, K5GO, K2UA 
and others.  I can't
recall what issue this was in.

In a nutshell, figure out exactly HOW you want
your SO2R to work, and 
the implementationwill follow naturally.


On 3/12/2015 6:58 AM, Rick Dougherty NQ4I wrote:
> Hi All...to
the SO2R guys...how do you handle the audio to two rigs in SO2R?
> Would your
system work with two separate computers controlling their
> independent
> What I am trying to do is use two separate stations and integrate
them as
> SO2S (Single Op two stations) I need the ability to use one head set
> have the transmit audio routed to the proper rig, according to the
> switch pressed. Is this a capability?
> Thanks de Rick NQ4I
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