[CQ-Contest] SO2S

Rick Dougherty NQ4I nq4i at contesting.com
Fri Mar 13 06:29:48 EDT 2015

Hi All...I appreciate all the info that has been sent to me..over 22
different emails, and I will address the solution here as it is easier to
respond to all at the same time.

First my station has been a Multi-multi for the past 15+ years and has
evolved to a set up that has 2 complete stations per band. That means two
radios, two amps, two computers, two microham microkeyers, two keyers, and
two headsets. And of course two operators.

Enter the need to have a operating set up that takes what is on site and
allows a competitive Single Operator to use two radios effectively, and use
most if not all of the existing technology. Jim VE7ZO is seeking a WRTC
spot from W4, and I have
given him access to the NQ4I station as he chases his goal. To that end,
Jim is very capable of SO2R, and in  our instance he is actually doing
SO2S...that means Single operator 2 Stations.

On CW, the current NQ4I station only needs a headset switch that will port
audio from one rig or both to a single headset. Jim, using that station
configuration on cw sits in the middle of two complete stations with two
computers and two keyboards..left radio, left keyboard and keyer paddle,
and right radio, right keyboard and keyer paddle. Easy to use, and does not
require any additional technology.

Enter SSB/Mixed Mode contests and the problem now becomes: do I wear two
Heil headsets? Is there a technology device that will truly allow two foot
switches, but only need one audio source? And I got lots of email telling
me about Top Ten devices, and MicroKeyer R+ devices...none of which really
met our needs...

I put in a call to Heil Sound with the idea of having them construct a
headset with a mic on each side...unfortunately they are so busy right now
with production runs that they could not take the project on...so my
Technical Assistant W4DD will be making the conversion of two Heil Headsets
to make a single headset with a boom mike on each side...that will allow
two separate but equal mic audio sources, one to each rig and the problem
is solved with minimum $$ in technology. Step on the right foot switch and
the right radio station transmits...step on the left foot switch, the left
station transmits. Lockouts are still used from the M-M scenario that allow
only one signal at the time.

So in the WRTC qualifying contests, if you hear NQ4I on ssb, you will know
that Jim VE7ZO is using his modified Double Heil Headset to do SO2S.

Thanks to all who responded with advice and ideas...

de Rick NQ4I

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