[CQ-Contest] Boom Mic for Bose QC-15

W2LE paul.w2le at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 13:01:26 EDT 2015

I tried the Clearmic from headsetbuddy.com, with less than good results.

They don't mention that left and right phones are reversed - my brain 
expects the sub rcvr to be in the right ear.
Also plugging the mic and phones into the MK2R+ results in transmitting 
a growling sound - I suspect that has something to do with connecting 
the grounds for the mic and phones together.

Asked support about the L/R reversal (an unmentioned feature) and got a 
full refund without sending it back.

So, if anyone wants it, it can be yours for the cost of shipping.

Paul  W2LE

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