[CQ-Contest] Why I logged the QSO

Art Boyars artboyars at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 13:48:23 EDT 2015

My VE8 QSO in SS SSB 2014.

Responding to VE9AA's questions (q.v.).  I think Mike is asking why I
logged the QSO: "You either know you made the Q at the time or not.  If you
are not sure, then I propose the QSO is not good...  if I had a QSO like
that, I would consider it NG."

1.  I was, in fact, sure enough to log the QSO.  This was my last Section
for the Sweep, so I was making extra sure I had it right.  (I probably did
that with any other Section QSO I thought might be unique.)

* I had -- after several repeats -- copied his number "six six" clearly.
(All the other QSO data was as certain as you can ever be.)

* Sixty-six seemed like a low number for a pileup-free VE8 around 2200Z on
Sunday.  When I asked him "Was that number six six," he confirmed it ("Yes"
or "Roger" or "QSL" -- whatever).

* Nevertheless, I asked him again, just to be sure he heard >> me << say
"six six" clearly, and he confirmed again.

* And even so, I listened to his next QSO, just to be sure.  On that next
QSO it sounded like MAYBE he sent "six six" again.  So I listened for
another QSO, but nobody called for a couple of minutes, so I went away.
(Astounding! A VE8 getting no replies!)

2.  No matter how sure we are, we all have busted QSOs -- mis-copying; a
well-placed static crash or QSB; mis-sent data; fat fingers.  We rely on
the log checking to catch the busted QSOs.

3.  I felt that this one QSO was more "at risk" than average, and resigned
myself to the possibility of losing yet another Sweep in the log checking.
I was so nervous about it (silly, but that's how it was), that I wanted to
e-mail the VE8 after the log deadline (No cheating!!) to see if I should
bother ordering a mug.

4.  Even after the log deadline, even with some extra time in case he sent
a paper log, he had not appeared in the Logs Received as the mug deadline
approached.  If he did not send in a log, then I cannot lose the claimed

I ordered a mug, but I did not want to back into a Sweep that way.  That's
why I wanted to contact him.  Even if my claimed Sweep held up, I would not
keep the mug if I could determine that I had, in fact, copied his number
wrong.  Just my personal feeling.

BTW, the e-mail address from QRZ.com worked fine.  He replied that he
remembered my call, and that he made about 80 QSOs. He has packed up the
logs to move to VE6.

It remains for the LCR to see if I busted any other Sections for the
Sweep.  If I did, I'll be offering a mug for somebody who forgot to order

73, Art K3KU

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