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Mostly agreeing with the previous posts as suitable SO2R setups. I've using the technique for 4 years now and it pays you back.
Although my configuration is SO2R based on a DX-Doubler box controlled out of a single computer I'd some experiences using two computers when running experiences with SO3R which I believe can be used on SO2R as well.
Then indeed the additional keyboard, mouse and monitor can be troublesome.
I did use a nice package called IT Redirector which essentially let your single mouse navigate between two computers like when you use two monitors in extended desktop configuration, once the focus of the mouse is on the 2nd computer the keyboard is redirected to it too.
Nothing then prevents you to use two computers, have the boxes hidden somewhere, arrange the two monitors in front of you and control the show with a single keyboard and mouse.
Although as said by others before a single computer probably will be a better ecosystem to compete I've found that having a 2nd one might be useful to carry other tasks such as the score reporting, RBN, propagation forecast and even graphical clusters (when compiting assisted obviously) so the IT Redirector piece shows it's usefulness as well.
73 de Pedro, LU7HZ/LT7H 
> Hi All...to the SO2R guys...how do you handle the audio to two rigs in SO2R?> Would your system work with two separate computers controlling their> independent radios?>> What I am trying to do is use two separate stations and integrate them as> SO2S (Single Op two stations) I need the ability to use one head set and> have the transmit audio routed to the proper rig, according to the foot> switch pressed. Is this a capability?>> Thanks de Rick NQ4I> _______________________________________________> CQ-Contest mailing list> CQ-Contest at contesting.com> http://lists.contesting.com/mailman/listinfo/cq-contest>>
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