[CQ-Contest] Thursday NS RTTY

K6MR k6mr at outlook.com
Wed Mar 18 03:02:51 EDT 2015

Greetings Diddlers!

It appears everyone had a good time this last Saturday. I know I did. I'm
sure we would have enjoyed some additional participation, but that's for
next time to worry about. 


If you are in the mood to practice a bit more on your Sprint prowess (never
too early to start thinking about next time), please join us at the usual
time and place:

And since this is only the second week of DST, don't forget local times are
one hour later.

Dupe rule still in effect, so don't let the small number of unique stations
slow you down.

And the details:

Friday, 20 Mar 2015, 0145Z - 0215Z (Thursday 19 Mar 2015 in NA)
-- 1845 - 1915 PST
-- 2145 - 2215 EST
-- (others in-between these two)
-- 160: 1805 and up <--- NOTE!!!
-- 80/40/20, +80kHz up from the band edge
-- Same band dupes ok after 1 intervening Q.
-- 1 kHz QSY rule, otherwise standard Sprint rules.
-- 100W power limit.

Please visit  <http://www.ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html>
http://www.ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html for complete rules and links to other

Report scores to 3830scores.com, and join us at 0300Z on 3610 kHz for
comments and questions.

Diddle diddle,

Ken K6MR             

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