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W0MU Mike Fatchett w0mu at w0mu.com
Thu Mar 26 13:25:15 EDT 2015

I have found most people that are not in Ham Radio are very interested 
and intrigued in contesting and that we fly to islands in the Caribbean 
and setup field day style operations so we can talk to lots of people 
around the world.

Most find this quite fascinating.

I would agree there is not much to watch in an rtty contest.

I think watching a SO2R CW or SSB op do his thing where the listener and 
view can hear and see what is going on would be pretty wild.

If contesting were not interesting already it would have died long ago.

I just don't understand all the push back.  Lets just shoot ourselves in 
the foot.  The negativity is real.

How about a user defined scoreboard for the NCCC , FRC, GMCC where you 
can watch other club members.  Mini contests within the contest for the 
clubs.  Who can post the best 12 hour score, best low power, newbie 
class.  Maybe your NA QP team is listed to you can see where you stand.  
I could see this being a huge motivational tool.  Damn I am 5 qsos 
behind W0XX and 6 mults.  I better push harder.

The possibilities are wide open unless you just want to continue to slam 
the door on it.

Mike W0MU

On 3/26/2015 8:20 AM, Ward Silver wrote:
> > Watching an actual operation to see the fun and actually operating 
> is going to do that.
> Who among us has ever actually watched someone operating a radio contest?
> /sarcasm_on
> CW or RTTY contest:
> [15 minutes of silence and keyboard clicking]
> Dammit!
> [more silence and clicking]
> Phone contest:
> Call sign five nine something [pause, click click] thanks your call sign
> Call sign five nine something [pause, click click] thanks your call sign
> Call sign five nine something [pause, click click] thanks your call sign
> Dammit!
> Call sign five nine something [pause, click click] thanks your call sign
> /sarcasm_off
> As a several-times WRTC referee, I can attest that without full 
> involvement in the action, it's not very much fun.  Actually, the 
> better the competitor, the less there is to watch.  It would be like 
> watching video from a GoPro camera mounted on a marathon runner - if 
> it's interesting, they're losing :-)
> Seriously, the "metadata" is a required part of what would make 
> radiosport interesting, even to other hams.  Radiosport is a sport 
> that happens in our *head* and not much else, physically.  Where is 
> the beam pointed, how loud are signals, who are you going to pick out 
> of the pile, when are you going to drop your call in, who else was 
> calling that you beat to the DX, what's happening on the second radio, 
> think you can move that mult to 15, when is 40 going to open to Japan, 
> who's crowding in below you, etc etc etc.
> This is why it's hard to explain to non-hams and even non-contesters 
> what the attraction is.  Real-time score reporting is just a start - 
> you don't have to watch anybody else's score, of course, and the top 
> ops probably will never look at those web pages...which is fine. 
> Unless we are going to replace ourselves exclusively through 
> one-on-one mentoring, we should be thinking about how to make the 
> sport something others can experience to some degree as a spectator 
> and that means the whole sport and not just numbers or the back of our 
> heads.
> 73, Ward N0AX
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