[CQ-Contest] Posting Scores

KU7Y ku7y.cw at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 14:23:39 EDT 2015

Interesting discussion. 

I can understand why some people do not want to post all their data.

What would be wrong with only showing the total score in real time, or near
real time?

This would not be giving away any information about what class you were in,
what band you were on and etc.  Just the raw, total score.  This could even
be delayed enough to avoid alerting you competition to a band change and
etc.  Delay by maybe an hour??

Or for even more individual control over what would be posted, could contest
programs allow each station to control what was uploaded?  For example only
post total score but not what band you are on or what class you are
operating in.

I might try watching one of those sites this weekend to see what they have
to offer.  I don't do phone contests so I have no dog in that fight.  But I
can't really imagine being able to pay attention to such information during
the heat of the battle.  I have a hard enough time just paying attention to
my one little radio without getting all mixed up!!

OK, back in my hole,

Ron, KU7Y
Arizona Outlaws Contest Club
Northern California Contest Club
Silver Springs, NV
ku7y at qsl.net

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