[CQ-Contest] Posting Scores - WPX SSB Experience

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Mon Mar 30 08:27:18 EDT 2015

At the AC3U (@K4VV) multi-mulit effort in WPX SSB, K4XD got the CQCONTEST reporting set up and we found that seeing the ebb flow of our score vs. NE1C was definitely a boon to keeping butts in chairs - which is actually more important in an all remote effort, since many more distractions for everyone since they are at home.

We passed them over Saturday night but the weird propagation on Sunday meant we couldn't raise much out of EU on 10, 15 or 20 and could only get rate pointing West and working 1 pointers. We maintained a QSO lead but their score kept growing faster than ours and they ended up ahead.

Off duty ops would CTRL-E message updates across N1MM - it definitely spurred BIC time. Just by hearing serials numbers we would have thought we had a comfortable lead, though it was obvious our average points/QSO were dropping all Sunday afternoon.

As I said earlier, personally I still like the come out of the bunker at the end and see how you did, but for the multi-effort the real time reporting worked out well and everyone enjoyed it.As Steve points out - all automatic, no effort required at all.

73 John K3TN

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