[CQ-Contest] level playing field and the 2 point "exception"

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Most of us choose our QTH.  When we decide to operate from a  certain part 
of the world, we accept the advantages and  disadvantages.
Those who choose to operate on the southern islands just north of  zone 9 
accept the fact that NA contacts are only two pointers even though just a  
couple of hundred miles to the southwest P4 gets to count them as three  
Likewise I know that I can't be as competitive as a K1 in  CQWW.  I chose 
the QTH and live with it.   When I lived out on  KH6, there was no way I 
could beat guys on ZF/8P etc for the ARRL DX.   However, it was my choice to 
operate from there....no bitching from me about the  rules.
For guys out on KH6, DARC's WAE contest is a contest where we could  never 
win.  I didn't expect the guys in Germany to change the rules because  EU 
was 8000 miles away from KH6.
Like any sport, if you don't like the way the game is played, don't  play.  
The contest sponsors  will know if the contest is a dud and  will change 
the rules.  If you don't like the way a certain QTH plays in a  contest, we 
are always free to QSY permanently or temporarily to a new QTH to  negate the 
QTH disadvantage.
Contesting is supposed to be fun.  When a certain contest is  not, I turn 
off the radio and do something else.
By the way, KH7XS is a definite go, and I expect to be operating  from a 
QTH less than a mile away from my old place by this time next year..even  
though WAE win is only in my dreams.
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You cant  imagine how irritating it is to operate from SEAsia and see the
playing  field tilted about 40% against us here.

I am looking for a computer  logging program that will compute my MILES
WORKED based on qrz.com and  other data.​

73, HS0ZCW

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>  Dear CQ CC
> While I understand this rule attempts to level the  playing field between
> NA and EU, it unfairly penalizes participants in  the other 4 continents,
> all of which are at least as geographically  expansive, if not far more 
> than NA.
> If the  committee retains this rule as is, at least have the sense of good
>  sportsmanship to rank NA competitors separately, just as Asian  
> in the AA, EU competitors in the WAE and OC competitors in  the OCDX
> contests are ranked separately and are not deemed "world  champions" on 
> back of different rules determining their  scores..
> Thanks and 73 Bob HS0ZIA
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Charly,  HS0ZCW
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