[CQ-Contest] [bcc] RE: [RRDXA] new scores in standings

Pit Schmidt pitschm at gmx.de
Sun Oct 4 05:49:22 EDT 2015

   GM Ulf,

   refering   to   point   7.2.   is  like  paragraph  1  of  the  German
   Strassenverkehrsordnung. You can justify all behaviour and/or misbehavior.
   However, point 9 clearly states: "The WRTC2018 Organizing Committee reserves
   the right to modify the qualification process to correct errors or provide

   So, you, i.e. The Organizing Comittee, is free to do what ever it wants to
   do. Everybody is free to play with these (running target) rules or not.

   73 de Pit DK3WE

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   Hi Peter and all,
   the Point 7.2 in the team selection criteria states
   'Applicantsarestronglyurgedtofollowallrulesinallqualifying contests'.
   Deadline is part of the rules...
   73 Ulf, DL5AXX
   WRTC2018 qualifications
   Am 03.10.2015 um 03:43 schrieb Peter Voelpel:
   > I don´t find that rule for late WPX logs, neither in the qualification
   > criteria nor in the selection policies for WRTC 2018. 73 Peter
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