[CQ-Contest] It's raining in SC

Dennis McAlpine dbmcalpine at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 5 11:55:48 EDT 2015

I have received a number of e-mails in the last few days asking about how
things are going here in our area of SC.  Thankfully, we are fine although a
bit on the damp side.  


We have indeed had a bit of rain lately.  According to the reports, Pawleys
Island, where we live, has had a bit over a foot of rain since Thu with
another 4"-8" expected before the rain ends later tonight.  It is worse
further south with Mount Pleasant and Charleston having had over 2' of rain
so far.  Many of the roads are closed as are most schools, churches,
businesses, etc.  


The wetlands (that is what my wife calls them; I think it is really a swamp)
behind our house have become saturated and the water has come up to the edge
of our yard but that is it, so far.  Given the snakes and gators and other
things that live out there, I can only imagine what is swimming in those
waters now.  The good news is that there have been no reported sightings of
Mary Lee, the 17', 3500 pound great white shark that resides in the ocean
off the coast of SC (sometimes), coming ashore.  Unfortunately, my coax run
from the antennas in the woods to the shack is through 4" PVC tubing that is
now indeed flooded.  I have lost one feedline so far but if that is it, I
will be happy.  


The pictures that you are seeing on TV of people driving out into the
flooded streets are the exception, fortunately, and most of us are just
sitting in our living rooms watching the news like the rest of you.  Thanks
again for your concerns.


73, Dennis, K2SX

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