[CQ-Contest] new scores in standings

john at kk9a.com john at kk9a.com
Wed Oct 7 09:47:55 EDT 2015

Are logs submitted after the deadline (and shown in the results) listed in
the WPX records database?

John KK9A

Subject:	Re: [CQ-Contest] new scores in standings
From:	Terry Zivney <n4tz at arrl.net>
Date:	Mon, 5 Oct 2015 00:28:54 +0000 (UTC)

The rules of the CQ WPX Contest state clearly that "C. Logs submitted or
postmarked after the deadline may be listed in the results, but are not
eligible for awards."
This means not eligible for first place, second place, or last placeawards.
(The online certificate generator for CQ WPX will printcertificates for all
places for valid entrees.)  Once upon a time,when logs were received after
deadline, their scores were not reported at all.  The CQ WPX Contest (and
I believe) the CQ WW Contest want to use all possible means to adjudicate the
contest. That means we want everyone's log, even those that choose not to
allthe rules of the contest.  We even provide feedback to everyonewho
sends in
a log by scoring the log and provided Log CheckingReports for each log so
operators can improve their performancein the future.
The Raw scores or Claimed scores are just that: scores that havenot been
checked to determine what their final scores would be.
The log deadline was announced months before the CQ WPX contest.  Norules
changed after the contest.
Terry Zivney, N4TZCQ WPX Contest Director

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