[CQ-Contest] Five day deadline (was new scores in standings)

Tim Shoppa tshoppa at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 14:48:48 EDT 2015

>  What could be the purpose of listing an invalid entry in the results?

Just my opinion: small-time stations who did not submit their score within
the aggressive 5-day limit, should be allowed to see their scores listed
(even in italics) along with the others. Having them see their score listed
is a big incentive to improve their score year over year, and the italics
will help remind them to submit their next log before the deadline.

Continual feedback of scores, even "scores that don't matter in the grand
scheme", is a good way to encourage self-improvement. I mean, ham radio
contesting doesn't matter in the grand big scheme, that doesn't mean we
don't enjoy contesting!

A score listed in italics is a good visual reminder to submit the log on
time next year.

Tim N3QE

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