[CQ-Contest] Check # in SS

Tom Francis w1tef at swsports.org
Sat Oct 10 21:02:23 EDT 2015

On 10/10/2015 5:35 PM, Joe wrote:
> So that leaves the thought. With everyone trying to shave milliseconds 
> off the exchange all the time,
> What is the most efficient to use? 
If you would like an off hand, outside observer kind of response,

1 - I maintain that all CW Qs and exchange info be no faster than 25 WPM
at all times. This would mean that the entire signal report/exchange would
be 25 WPM.

2 - All contestants have to ID after every exchange - at 25 WPM. No more
make ten Qs, then ID, make another ten Qs, etc.

3 - If you want a different idea, use a random number generator for every
entrant and issue that number prior to the contest. Each contestant would
have a unique number from 000 to 999 tied to the call sign. It would change
from contest to contest.

That way it doesn't matter what the exchange is.  <G>

Tom, W1TEf/4

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