[CQ-Contest] NY QSO Party This Saturday! 1400z

Dean Faklis NW2K nw2k at perluma.com
Thu Oct 15 20:03:09 EDT 2015

   CQ NYQP!  Saturday 17 OCT, 1400 UTC for 12 straight hours.

   It looks to be a great turnout...amateurs in ALL 62 counties have been
   contacted. We have lots of mobile activity and these guys are Top Ops.

   VE and DX amateurs are encouraged to participate and we are grateful for the
   Q's.  New DX and VE awards were created and please have fun chasing NY
   counties on all bands.

   Please be generous and spot ops regularly.

   The log checking team is ready, but let's see if we can swamp them with logs
   to score! Tell your friends to get on the air and submit a log. One QSO or
   100.....as we're shooting for a new “logs received” record this year.

   Check out all of the updates and rules at [1]http://www.nyqp.org/

   County activity is located here (updated continuously):


   Mobile or fixed, please add your plans to the mix here:


   Exchange: RST and County, in NY; RST and S/P/*DX*, outside NY

   The whole Team of NYQP Sponsors makes it ALL happen (see the following
   link)! A round of applause to All!


   As always, please send me a note if I can help and please post or send me
   your NYQP plans.

   Please join in on the fun on Saturday 17 October 1400Z!

   Thanks, 73, Dean, NW2K


   1. http://www.nyqp.org/
   2. http://nyqp.org/wordpress/2015-planned-activations/
   3. http://nyqp.org/wordpress/describe-your-planned-mobile-activation/
   4. http://nyqp.org/wordpress/wp-content/nyqp/2015/2015_NYQP_Plaque_Sponsorship_New_Award_Structure.pdf

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