[CQ-Contest] CBS Cabrillo Statistics Program - abbreviated CTY.DAT updated

Bob Wilson, N6TV n6tv at arrl.net
Sun Oct 25 23:11:23 EDT 2015

I've updated the CTY.DAT file used by the Cabrillo Statistics Program (CBS)
to include some of the new callsigns (TO2A, TO90R, etc).  There may be

The programs themselves remain unchanged.

You may download Windows, Linux and MAC versions from http://bit.ly/cabstat

The "official" CTY.DAT files distributed by AD1C are, unfortunately, a bit
too big to work with the old code (which I hope to fix some day).  So,
please use the CTY.DAT file distributed in the Zip (for CBS only).

Please send questions / comments about the CBS program directly to me, not
to the CQ-Contest reflector.


Bob, N6TV

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