[CQ-Contest] When is it OK to refuse to give out a QSO?

Mike Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Mon Oct 26 08:34:56 EDT 2015



Your feelings are normal.  I know this is more prevalent from the USA side
than it would be from the VE side, however I still had many VE3's

call me (especially on 20m) this weekend in the contest. No sweat !

I like to work everyone and I realize maybe:

-they are new contesters

-they haven't read the rules (I don't always have them memorized either !)

-they are not new, but just giving out a few Q's as they go up the band

-maybe can't find anyone outside their own country in the needed zone

-have started late and just want the zone quickly in case they run out of
personal time

-something else I haven't thought of


So, I just make the QSO and move on. (takes a few seconds)  It's good policy
to work all no pointers & dupes.

It makes good "business sense" to make as many on the air (and off the air)
friends as possible and be a good contesting neighbour

which actually encompasses more than just working a 0-pointer.  Personally,
I say hello to 6m and 160m friends (etc.) if time permits. 

Occasionally  I'll even say "thanks for the 4th band (or whatever..it takes2
seconds) if things are less than hectic.

I had K3LR himself (on 80m) ask me to look for them on 160m for the last
band for the sweep.  I recognized his voice.  It was friendly.

I went out of my way to look for people like Tim/K3LR, K5WA, K5TR, K5KG
(etc.) who are what I would call "good ops" and ambassadors.


I like to have friends out there and alienating folks is not good practice.
That means:

Ie: No compression, no frequency fights, say hello when appropriate, smile
when you are having fun

and do not say things like "It's a little too late in the contest for that.
Go find a VE."  when you are not having fun. 


You'll surely remember that QSO and it sure does N7 DOG DOG no good at all
to treat you like that.


He's not a good ambassador according to your experience.


Hopefully you found another zone 3 stn to work.


My 2CDN cents worth.


Mike VE9AA




As I type this, I am sitting here fuming mad and deliberating on whether to 

keep plugging away in the CQWW SSB contest or just shut off the PC and

 Blessed with three young children (two toddlers and an infant), I have 

extremely little time for radio these days. So I am doing a VERY part time 

effort in the contest, yet still trying to maximize my score for the few

I can put in.  

It is Sunday morning. My wife is napping with the baby, and I have gotten

kids set up in front of the TV with their favorite show and I can finally

down at the radio without interruption.  I have made only a few QSOs so far

15m this weekend.  I just looked all over the band for Zones 3 and 4.  I

K5TR calling CQ, waited until he had nobody else calling him, and made a

call, saying "W2ID for the mult".  He quickly replied "W2ID 59 4", I gave

report and logged the qso and mult. QSO made and logged, all in less than 3 

seconds. Thank you!

Tuned around some more, and some more, and finally found N7DD for zone 3. 

Excited, I waited a few minutes until he had no callers, and then gave a

call just as I did with K5TR.  Instead of replying with the expected "W2ID

3", he replied with "It's a little too late in the contest for that.  Go
find a 

VE."   I was completely speechless, and couldn't even think of a reply

he called CQ again.  Then I replied with "I'll remember that in

He snarled back with "Yeah, you do that."

So not only will I remember it in Sweepstakes, so will everybody else who

it here.

Now I have spent enough time typing this that I could have made at least 15 

QSOs, which would have more than compensated for the lost multiplier.  

Wondering whether I should go try and find another zone 3, or just go and

Bob the Builder with my kids instead. At least they will take a few seconds

of their favorite TV show to talk to me...

73 & GL all (except N7DD that is),



Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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