[CQ-Contest] When is it OK to refuse to give out a QSO?

Maarten van Rossum pd2r.maarten at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 11:55:56 EDT 2015

I worked a couple of dozen dupes Sunday night because of a bad cluster
spot. I got spotted as P14DX on 40 meters. All the dupes came from NA. I ID
almost each QSO and if I call "QRZ" it's never more then twice in a row.
I made sure I signed each QSO pronouncing the call very clearly as soon as
I found out about the busted spot. Still a lot of dupes answered my call.

Did it frustrate me? Yes. Did anyone notice? No, I don't think so. It was
at the end of the contest. People are getting tired and it gets hard to
concentrate. It could happen to me too, it certainly has happened in the

The same thing goes for same country Q's.
Don't be a lid a just work 'm.

Thank you all for the contacts this weekend, it was fun!

73, Maarten PD2R

Op maandag 26 oktober 2015 heeft Tom Haavisto <kamham69 at gmail.com> het
volgende geschreven:

> Hi John
> Please keep in mind why you decided to play radio in the first place -
> namely - to have FUN.
> At the same time, you run into people of all types.  Some don't like
> contesters, some have read (or mis-read) the rules, and others have their
> own agenda...
> If you are on the radio, you will run into these folks, and my attitude is
> - sucks to be them!
> I get folks who call me who are dupes, I get the odd bad comment in my ear,
> and I worked a bunch of VEs - who in THIS contest are zero points.  At the
> same time - in other contests - I want these QSO's.  So - work everyone,
> and when you run into folks who are having a bad day, mis-read the rules,
> or just plain don't play well with other people - well - move on.
> I don't have time to check lists of who's been bad, who's been good or
> whatever.  If they call me, or I call them - in the log they go.  If they
> don't want to be in my log - well - not much I can do about that other than
> to move on looking for the next QSO.
> Tom - VE3CX
> On Sun, Oct 25, 2015 at 12:03 PM, John W <xnewyorka at hotmail.com
> <javascript:;>> wrote:
> > As I type this, I am sitting here fuming mad and deliberating on whether
> > to keep plugging away in the CQWW SSB contest or just shut off the PC and
> > radio.    Blessed with three young children (two toddlers and an
> infant), I
> > have extremely little time for radio these days. So I am doing a VERY
> part
> > time effort in the contest, yet still trying to maximize my score for the
> > few hours I can put in.
> > It is Sunday morning. My wife is napping with the baby, and I have gotten
> > the kids set up in front of the TV with their favorite show and I can
> > finally sit down at the radio without interruption.  I have made only a
> few
> > QSOs so far on 15m this weekend.  I just looked all over the band for
> Zones
> > 3 and 4.  I found K5TR calling CQ, waited until he had nobody else
> calling
> > him, and made a quick call, saying "W2ID for the mult".  He quickly
> replied
> > "W2ID 59 4", I gave the report and logged the qso and mult. QSO made and
> > logged, all in less than 3 seconds. Thank you!
> > Tuned around some more, and some more, and finally found N7DD for zone 3.
> > Excited, I waited a few minutes until he had no callers, and then gave a
> > quick call just as I did with K5TR.  Instead of replying with the
> expected
> > "W2ID 59 3", he replied with "It's a little too late in the contest for
> > that.  Go find a VE."   I was completely speechless, and couldn't even
> > think of a reply before he called CQ again.  Then I replied with "I'll
> > remember that in Sweepstakes."  He snarled back with "Yeah, you do that."
> > So not only will I remember it in Sweepstakes, so will everybody else who
> > reads it here.
> > Now I have spent enough time typing this that I could have made at least
> > 15 QSOs, which would have more than compensated for the lost multiplier.
> > Wondering whether I should go try and find another zone 3, or just go and
> > watch Bob the Builder with my kids instead. At least they will take a few
> > seconds out of their favorite TV show to talk to me...
> > 73 & GL all (except N7DD that is),
> > JohnW2ID
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73, Maarten PD2R

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