[CQ-Contest] NS RTTY this Thursday

Ken K6MR k6mr at outlook.com
Tue Oct 27 22:20:07 EDT 2015

Greetings Diddlers!

I trust everyone is recovering from the weekend. Thank goodness for the DVK!

This upcoming weekend also looks a little thin, but there is the Russian
MultiMode test this weekend so we have some RTTY available.

Please join us Thursday evening (in NA) for a bit of RTTY time and make sure
all is working

A reminder: this is the LAST session on DST, so be prepared to switch to
earlier local times in November. 

Details are as usual:
Friday, 30 Oct 2015, 0145Z - 0215Z (Thursday 29 Oct 2015 in NA)
-- 1845 - 1915 PDT
-- 2145 - 2215 EDT
-- (others in-between these two)
-- 160: 1805 and up (160 is getting better!)
-- 80/40/20/15 +80kHz up from the band edge  (15 not so much)
-- Same band dupes ok after 1 intervening Q.
-- 1 kHz QSY rule, otherwise standard Sprint rules.
-- 100W power limit.

Please visit http://www.ncccsprint.com/rttyns.html for complete rules and
links to other info. If you find any problems with the web pages, please let
me know so we can get them fixed. 
Report scores to 3830scores.com, and join us at 0300Z on 3610 kHz for
comments and questions (and dinner menus).

Diddle diddle,
Ken K6MR

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