[CQ-Contest] Remote station antenna disconnection methods?

K5WA K5WA at Comcast.net
Thu Oct 29 15:02:21 EDT 2015

I've had the Elecraft K3/0 remote here at my home running experimentally
over my local network for some time now but have not gone further with
remote station installation (about 60 miles away) since I have not developed
a good way to disconnect coaxes at the remote site.  The station site is
prone to lightning.  I don't believe a simple set of relays would give me
enough air gap to resist a reasonable spike so I'm dreaming that some type
of piston operated device could be used to give me at least an inch of
separation when the coax is removed.  I know a direct hit will take out
anything it wants but I'd like to do better than a relay.
Has anyone got a solution that they've used successfully at a frequent
lightning remote site?
Thanks for any ideas,
Bob K5WA

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