[CQ-Contest] Self-spotting in-debth

XV4Y (Yan) xv4y at nature-mekong.com
Fri Oct 30 03:13:42 EDT 2015

Hi Vlad,

You made me think about a great idea to reduce "collisions" when two stations are QRMing on the same frequency.
Maybe we should just all self-spot the day before the contest to make some kind of "frequency reservation".
This way we could greatly improve frequency allocation.

Adding a fast CW ID at the beginning of the transmission and some kind of check-sum control at the end to verify that both Callsign and exchange are correct should improve the "operators" error-rate.

Yannick DEVOS - XV4Y

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> I like the self-spot idea for 2 reasons, but I am not sure which of them is
> more attractive.
> 1. No need to learn code to take part in a CW contest. As everybody spots
> himself, every spot is error-free. Click on the spot, call the spotter by
> pushing an F-key with your call-sign and if a reply follows, there is a QSO.
> A history file will pre-fill an exchange. Isn't it great?
> 2. 8000 participants is a normal number of participants in a major contest
> nowadays. 8000 self-spots a time is already nice, but 8000 self-spots every
> 10 minutes along with 30 minutes spot life will clog bandmaps and make them
> totally unusable within a few minutes. Let alone cluster nods fed-up to a
> limit right at the start of the contest.
> The useless dead-fed bandmap may force people to forget watching spots and
> learn how to rotate a tuning dial... That's also not bad.
> Now. When the topic started, I thought, it could be a tongue-in-chick
> statement, but there is quite a discussion ongoing... 
> Gents, are you serious?
> 73,
> Vlad VE3IAE

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