[CQ-Contest] SSB: Don't self spot, use the RBN like CW...

Gerry Hull gerry at yccc.org
Fri Oct 30 19:54:26 EDT 2015

LOL Tom... No roger beep, but similar :-)

I'm sure you would rather have nothing, but would you prefer self-spots
over the internet clogging the system with spots that you cannot copy, or
some HS CW every few minutes or so during an SSB contest?  I'm certainly
not advocating for this on every transmission.

There are challenges.  Most Skimmer receivers are 192 KHz wide -- so there
would have to be SSB-band Skimmers that listened in appropriate parts of
the band, listening for these CW ids.

On Fri, Oct 30, 2015 at 3:11 PM, Tom Frenaye <frenaye at pcnet.com> wrote:

> At 02:39 PM 10/30/2015, Gerry Hull wrote:
> >So, if you are a little pistol or a big gun, in a CW contest there is RBN.
> >Most are happy with that.
> >
> >If you could use the RBN for SSB, like CW, no need of a self spot to get
> >spotted.
> >No rule changes either.
> >
> >As I have pointed out in a few other emails, if you squawk your call in
> >High-speed CW during a phone event, the RBN will spot you.  There is
> >nothing preventing you from doing this from either a contest sponsor or a
> >regulatory body.  The only issue is that RBN might consider it CW and your
> >software would filter it out. That is easily fixed.
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