[CQ-Contest] Has anyone "communicated" with a radio's CAT port using PuTTY?

FritzOAQ fritz at k4oaq.com
Thu Dec 1 17:45:27 EST 2016

Problem solved.

The female to female cable, which I only had one of, was some sorta cross
over cable.

Just bgt a real cable & all works fine 

They shud not be allowed to sell those "fake" cables to people at my IQ



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Subject: Has anyone "communicated" with a radio's CAT port using PuTTY?


First, let me explain that I have a new FTXD1200 and have spent numerous
hours trying to get it & N1MM+ on a speaking basis.

And numerous add'l hours using diff cables between my computer & rig as well
as diff software, namely Ham Radio Deluxe.

The software just tells you it don't work. It doesn't tell you whether
gibberish is being returned or if it hears nada.

So, I'm thinking that PuTTY software mite tell me more. It looks to me like
PuTTY shud be able to talk to a COM port but either

the radio's CAT port is indeed dead OR, most likely, I'm not smart enuf to
set PuTTY up properly.

So, obviously, any help wud be most appreciated.



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