[CQ-Contest] W5WMU experiment in NAQP

George K5KG georgek5kg at aol.com
Thu Jan 7 09:10:37 EST 2016

If Pat wants to see how the antennas play in the NAQP, he should just 
run low power, and submit a legitimate entry.  Few years ago, I made the 
mistake of running high power in the NAQP, and submitting a log (with a 
huge number of Qsos) as a high power entry, not realizing that the rules 
did not permit HP.  I caught holy hell from a number of contesters, and 
rightly so, for this mistake.

I realize that Pat will submit a check log, but he may get some grief 
for having a massively large signal in an otherwise low power contest.  
I'm just sayin'.

73, George.

On 1/6/2016 7:43 PM, Art via CQ-Contest wrote:
> Just heard from Pat that he will be using high power to feed into 3 different stacks for NE, N, and NW during the NAQP Saturday. He'll be entering as a check log but wanted to see how the antennas would play from way down south.
> Ought to be interesting!
> See you Saturday.
> 73,
> Art KZ5D
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George Wagner, K5KG
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