[CQ-Contest] ARRL DX no SB low power

robert wa1fcn at charter.net
Thu Jan 28 08:52:50 EST 2016

GM All

         So once again ARRL Dx season is near and as always still no low 
         category for single band fans..... Now that my senior years 
have arrived
         it gets harder and harder to do all day and night to come up 
with a
         competitive score.   So the past several years I do mostly 
single band
         efforts. This puts me at a disadvantage in ARRL Dx in single 
band category.
         Yes I know I have the choice one way or another and if I do not 
like it I
         can skip this contest.  On the other hand is it really too much 
work on
         ARRLs part to acknowledge low power SB  ( I am life long low 
power person )
         efforts.  I have posted this a couple times in previous years 
and received
         a couple private E-mails on this subject, so I know there are 
others waiting
         for the day ARRL makes an added category for us. In the mean 
time good
         luck to all, and yes I will still be part of  this event.

         73 BoB WA1FCN

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