[CQ-Contest] CQWW 160 CW: Early Hours Suggestion

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sat Jan 30 00:02:52 EST 2016

On Fri,1/29/2016 9:05 AM, jmaass at k8nd.com wrote:
> One of the things I did during the "off season" is analyze one of our frustrations: the fact that we can hear Europe at the beginning of the contest, but they*never*  answer us.

I also experience this operating from NorCal -- during the first hours 
of a Topband contest, we hear a lot of the better equipped stations east 
of Chicago, but almost without exception, they don't hear us.  W8JI has 
analyzed this as a matter of SNR -- the easternmost station has a higher 
noise level because the path is in darkness to the east, while we, in 
full daylight, have only daytime noise levels. I believe that another 
factor is that the east coast stations are all listening to NE RX antennas.

During those first few hours in daylight, I can work 800 miles with high 
power, but only on a vertically polarized antenna.

> One other peeve to address, especially for Europe stations: if you call CQ, PLEASE allow enough time between calls for someone to be heard!  Often, there is insufficient time even for our short 'PJ2T' call to be complete before the next CQ has begun. It's not like 20-meters: Topband requires a bit more listening time to allow for QSB and to allow you to listen on ALL your receiving antennas for those responding!

Yes, I have the same frustration with stations not listening. Part of 
listening is trying different RX antennas and digging for weaker 
signals. You can't do that in 2 seconds!

73, Jim K9YC

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