[CQ-Contest] BCQP 2016 is just around the corner!

Rebecca Kimoto va7bec at rac.ca
Sat Jan 30 15:26:12 EST 2016

Hello everyone near and far

BCQP 2016 is just around the corner!

Key Details

Date/Time:   1600z Feb 6 to 0400z Feb 7
Objective:   Stations outside BC must catch the attention of BC stations.
                  BC stations can contact anyone anywhere. 
Exchange:   Stations outside BC give RS(T) + state/province/DX*
                 *In BCQP, Hawaii and Alaska are not considered DX. Stations in KH6 and KL7 should give "HI" and "AK", respectively. 
                 BC stations will give RS(T) + three-letter code representing the federal electoral district in BC.

New in 2016
1. The multiplier list has changed!
The multipliers for stations outside BC are the federal electoral districts of BC. The electoral map was recently redrawn, resulting in six new ridings and the renaming of nearly all pre-existing ridings. The writers of N1MM Logger+ and the N3FJP state QSO party logging program have updated their respective programs. Please ensure you are using the most recent versions or self-edit the multiplier list. 
Find the updated list for 2016 at http://www.orcadxcc.org/bcqp_districts.html

2. The plaque program has been expanded!! There are now 9 sponsored categories:
Top Score BC (single op), Top Score Canada outside BC, Top YL Score, Top Score USA, Most Federal Electoral Districts Worked, Top DX, Top Mixed Mode, Top Club in BC (new), Top Score BC (multi-op) (new).

Rules (http://orcadxcc.org/bcqp_rules.html), FAQ, in-depth event analysis/reports and scores from past years, examples of the lovely photo-based certificates and plaques... all available for viewing from links via the Orca DXCC homepage (http://orcadxcc.org/index.html) and/or the BCQP homepage (http://www.orcadxcc.org/bcqp.html).

1. Alternate suggested frequencies for CW 
We have alternate suggested frequencies for CW on 80M, 40M and 20M between 0000z and 0400z to mitigate some of the issues caused by NA Sprint. These frequencies are listed in the rules. It goes without saying but PLEASE BE COURTEOUS. The alternate frequencies are only suggestions. They are quite high up in the respective bands, encroaching on other mode allocations so, if necessary, move to avoid QRMing others.

2. Net approach
In 2015, a couple of BC operators got a net-style situation going on 40m and 80m SSB in the last few hours of BCQP to help operators near and far "meet up" for a Q. If conditions are right, they may try this approach again. Listen for it. You might be able to connect with some BC stations that might not necessarily be listening in your direction but with the help of the "net control", they'll turn the beam and pick you up. 

3. Bonus points 
Bonus point can make a difference. Listen for the sponsor station VA7ODX on digital, CW and SSB. 

There's lots of contest activity over the Feb 6-7 weekend, which means plenty of Q potential on phone, CW and digital. From a British Columbia perspective, participation from everyone everywhere is absolutely welcome. Even if BCQP is not your target contest of the weekend, if you hear a BC station calling "CQ BCQP", please drop by. If you are in the host state of one of the other same-day QSO parties, BC stations will be able to trade a Q with you. Participants in the 10-10 contest or even XE RTTY can also benefit from a trade.   

GL es 73,

Rebecca VA7BEC

Orca DXCC, Contest Coordinator, BCQP

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