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I concur.  I read it on my Nook last week.  It was fun to  learn some of 
the background on the many contesters I have worked over the  years.  It is 
well written and, for me, hard to put down up to the dramatic  finish.  Jim 
does a great job of describing the terms for non-hams and/or  non-contesters.
I would recommend it.
Al, K0AD
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One more  recommendation for N3BB's book, Contact Sport.

Up until reading the  book I was not very familiar with the WRTC. I knew 
of its existence, but  that was about it.

The book is written for a general audience. Basic  terms are explained, 
in addition to some background info.

I liked  his writing style, not the easiest subjects to write about, but 
it flows  nicely. Read it in three sittings. I started Sunday morning, 
after giving  up on the CQ WPX CW contest.

Being old fashioned, I purchased the  hardcover edition. Good quality 

Thank you for the early  reviews, which prompted me to order a copy.

No connection with the  author, book publisher, or bookseller. Paid full 
price for my  copy.

73 de Vince,  VA3VF
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