[CQ-Contest] Field Day Rules

Ed Sawyer sawyered at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 3 18:56:36 EDT 2016

>From the Field Day Rules:


"The use of switching systems that allow for lockouts

in order to use multiple transmitters (i.e., an "octopus") in an attempt to
enter a lower-number-of-transmitters

class are prohibited (i.e. using 2 transmitters that can transmit
simultaneously, with two operators, and a lock-out

system and entering class 1A). The use of simulcasting devices which allow a
single operator to key and transmit on more than one transmitter at a time,
is prohibited."


"The use of more than one transmitter at the same time on a single band-mode
is prohibited."


It is hard to understand what the intent of these rules are.  Is traditional
SO2R operation allowed?  It kind of seems so but is hard to be sure.  


Can a "Multi-Single" style system be used which would have a run and second
radio interlocked be used?  It would seem not.  But only because there is
more than one operator?


Anyone with an idea or knowledge?




Ed  N1UR



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